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India's trusted solution for roadside emergency

Largest network of service provides across India, ready to help you during car breakdown.

Breakdown Assistance, Tow Trucks, Flatbed Trucks, Garage Services all on a single platform.

Mechanical Faults

Our trained mechanics are equipped to resolve minor mechanical faults at the breakdown location itself.

Battery Jumpstart

In case of weak or dead battery we shall assist you jumpstart your vehicle. We even provide a new battery at actual cost in case the old one needs replacement.

Fuel Delivery

In case you run out of fuel while driving we will provide upto 5 litres of Petrol/Diesel at actual cost.

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Key Lockout

In the situation of a key lockout we will unlock your car using high end tools so that your vehicle remains as it was before repair.


If your vehicle is not repairable on the spot we can have it towed to the nearest service station or your location of choice as per actual costs.

Flat Tyre

We shall have your flat tyre replaced with stepney on the spot or have it repaired in case of two flat tyres.

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