6 Steps for Making Of A Spare Car Key Using A Key-Cutting Service?


The making of a spare car key using a key-cutting service is considered a simple process. Initially, we search for a key-cutting service that can cut keys to our provided specifications with respect to our model car. Various hardware stores, locksmiths and automotive stores often provide key-cutting services. Once a reputable key service has been found we then fetch our primary key and provide it to the store as a sample for the key cutter to be used as a template.

The exact duplication of our primary key is carried out by using a key-cutting machine. For cars with an electronic chip embedded in them, the key cutter is able to program a transponder key. some keys often require special assistance which may include specific equipment or knowledge to be cut, so it is important to check with the key-cutting service first if they are able to provide the required assistance. Additionally, it is often advised for making of a spare car key in case you lose the spare one too. 

In case of a car key lockout, it is recommended to have the contact details of a reliable car key lockout service handy, which can help you get back into your car if you accidentally lock your keys inside.

Steps for making of a spare car key using a key-cutting service

spare car key

Various steps are involved in making a spare car key. They are as follows:

Locating a key-cutting service: Look for a key-cutting service that can cut keys in accordance with the details you have provided on your car’s model. Numerous hardware stores, locksmiths, and car businesses offer key-cutting services.

Submission of the Main Key: Give the key-cutting service your Main Car Key as a Sample for the Key Cutter to Use as a Template.

Key cutting: The key cutter may use a key cutting machine to precisely duplicate your primary key. The machine copies the pattern from your primary key reads the grooves on your key and cuts a new key using that pattern.

Transponder key programming: If the key has an electronic chip, the key-cutting service might also be able to programme the key. This process makes sure the new key can start the vehicle.

Cost: Depending on the key type and key-cutting provider you select, producing a spare key will vary greatly in price. It’s best to inquire with the key-cutting business first to see if they can cut the precise sort of key you need because some keys require specialised tools and knowledge to cut.

Have a copy: It’s recommended to keep a backup copy of your car key in case you lose it along with the spare.

It’s also important to keep in mind that not all keys can be duplicated; for example, proximity keys, smart keys, and electronic key fobs require specialist programming and equipment and cannot be duplicated by standard key cutting services. It’s advisable to first confirm that the key-cutting service is capable of creating your particular sort of key.

Cost to clone a car key for making of a spare car key

Cost to clone a car key

Depending on the type of key, the make and model of the automobile, and the location where the key is being made, there is a wide range in the cost to copy a car key for making of a spare car key.

 Effectively, a normal mechanical key costs $10 to $50. This price includes programming the key to work with the ignition system of the car and cutting the key to match the existing key.

 The price can range from $50 to $200 for keys with an electronic chip, also known as a transponder key, which communicates with the vehicle’s immobiliser system. This price covers programming the transponder chip to work with the vehicle’s immobiliser system, cutting the key to match the existing key, and programming the key to function with the vehicle’s power locks and alarm.

Smart keys, also known as remote unlocking and starting keys, can cost between $150 and $400. The price of this service covers key programming for the remote start system, power locks, and immobiliser system of the car as well as key cutting to match the existing key.

Some luxury vehicles, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, and Porsche, typically have higher costs for key replacement because they frequently require specialised equipment and programming that are not available to most locksmiths. This is because most locksmiths do not have this equipment and programming.

 The price of key cloning is also influenced by the location of the replacement key manufacturing facility. It is advised to check with the dealership or a locksmith about service availability for a particular model of vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How do you make of a spare car key?

How do you make a spare car key

Ans: You can making of a spare car key by bringing your primary car key to a key-cutting business, where they will use a key-cutting machine to make an exact replica of it. The key-cutting service might also be able to programme the transponder key if your vehicle has an electronic chip implanted in the key.

Q2. Can a car key be cut without the original?

Ans: Without the original, it is possible for making of a spare car key, but it is a challenging procedure that frequently necessitates specialised tools and skills. Without the original, a locksmith or key-cutting business might be able to make a key for your car, but they’ll need to be aware of the key’s make and model.

Q3. How much does it cost for making of a spare car key?

Ans: The type of key being duplicated and the cutting service selected will both have an impact on the cost of the process. High-security keys or transponder keys can cost $50 or more to cut and duplicate, whereas standard automobile keys can be cut and copied for anywhere between $10 and $50.

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