What can you do if your keys get stuck in your car?


You may sometimes forget your car keys inside the car and the car gets locked. Well, there are various ways through which you can retrieve your car keys. Before you do anything else, ensure that all the doors and windows are properly closed. After that, the first thing that you can do is use your spare keys to open your car door. If you don’t have a spare key or have forgotten where they are, you can turn to your family members or friends for help. Ask people closely related to you if they have a spare key which you can use to open your car. If you do not get spare keys, you need to contact a professional locksmith for help. A professional locksmith has the expertise through which he can open your car lock without causing any damage to it. If you get stuck in a situation where you cannot reach the locksmith you can use your coat hanger to manipulate the lock mechanism and open your car. 

If any of these methods don’t work or you are unsure of trying them out, you need to get in contact with a tow truck and carry your car to the garage. A mechanic in the garage will easily help you open the lock of your car because he has the appropriate tools and expertise. While doing so he causes no harm to your car either. 

While you try to manipulate the lock system of your car make sure that you do not cause any damage to your car or void any warranties.

Who can I contact if I have forgotten my car keys in the car?

You have several options to turn to if you have forgotten your car keys in your car. Several people can help you retrieve your keys. 

  • Locksmith: First person that you can contact is a locksmith. He is a car key lockout expert professional who has the tools and expertise to unlock any lock without causing any damage. 
  • Roadside Assistance: Your car insurance companies and car manufacturers are the people who provide you with roadside assistance. They send a professional to you who can help you retrieve your car keys.
  • Car dealers: If you still have the car insurance intact, you can contact your car dealer. They will help you retrieve your car keys by sending a professional to you. The professionals sent to you have different tools and can help you in unlocking your car and retrieve your keys. 
  • Towing services: If you are stuck in a situation where anything seems impossible, you can contact towing services people. They help you in towing your car to a nearby garage where you can take the help of the mechanics. Mechanics also have different tools which they use so that your car is unlocked without getting damaged.
  • Friends and Family: You can contact your close ones and ask them for a spare key. With the help of that spare key, you can unlock your car and easily retrieve your keys.

What steps can I take if I accidentally lock my car keys in my car?

Here are a few steps that you can follow if you have locked your car keys inside the car. 

  1. Make sure to check all the doors and windows of your car are properly closed.
  2. Arrange a spare key from your friends or family if possible to open your car.
  3. If you cannot arrange a spare key, contact a locksmith. A locksmith with his expertise can help you retrieve your keys without causing any damage to your car.
  4. If you’re stuck in a situation where contacting a locksmith is difficult use a coat hanger to manipulate the car’s lock system and open it. 
  5. You can also use a slim jim which is a special tool used to open car locks specifically used by locksmiths.
  6. If none of these things works, you can call a tow truck, and get your car towed to a garage. After reaching a garage you can take help from a mechanic 

How can I unlock my car with the help of a Coat Hanger?

If you are stuck, you can unlock your car with the help of a coat hanger. Keep using a coat hanger to open your car as the last solution. Here is how you can use a coat hanger for unlocking your car.

  • Straighten your coat hanger and remove any hooks or attachments from it.
  • After straightening, bend the hanger at one end to create a hook.
  • Then, carefully inserted the hanger in the space between your door and a window near the lock system.
  • Move the hook to find the right position and manipulate the lock mechanism of the car.
  • If you can manipulate the lock mechanism your car will unlock successfully and you can retrieve your keys.

Keep in mind, that you open your car with a coat hanger only when no other alternative seems possible and you are sure of being able to manipulate the lock mechanism. If something goes wrong you won’t be able to unlock your car at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who should I call if I accidentally lock my keys in my car?
Ans: You can call several people for help, for example, a locksmith, family and friends, towing services, and car assistance.

Q2. Is it possible to unlock my car with the help of a coat hanger?
Ans: Yes, you can unlock your car using a coat hanger. However, you should try this only when you are sure and have no other option available.

Q3. Can a locksmith help me if I accidentally lock my keys in my car?
Ans: Yes, a locksmith can easily help you unlock your car. This is because a locksmith is an expert in this field and has various tools to help you unlock your car without causing any damage to your car.

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